1967 Chevrolet Corvette


  • 427 Tri Power IU Big Block
  • Bored .060. Over 600hp
  • Factory Big Block Vette
  • Muncie 4-spd
  • Marina Blue Exterior
  • White Interior


Vehicle Specs

1967 Chevrolet Corvette 427 Tri Power 435hp Now Built to 600hp. Original vin stamped on the block but we has no supporting documentation or build sheet. Please read the entire description below.

One of the first things people always ask is how many Corvettes were built with these
options? Published GM records for the Corvette allow us to make a few assumptions and
then some guesses to arrive at a number that should be accurate, but might not be,
because it does require extrapolation to get and therefore presents no guarantees. I am
only going to consider options I was able to document as original to the vehicle and
percentages that I could validate, for this calculation. Here is what I can tell you with
some certainty – 3840 production 1967 Marina Blue Corvettes were built. From this point
forward you get the extrapolation based on known ECL code break downs which should
hold true - but again there are no guarantees, they did hold. For example 63 percent of
1967 production was the convertible body, does that percentage hold for the Marina Blue
paint choice? I personally believe it probably does, so I estimate that approximately
2420 convertibles were built in Marina Blue. Next we come to two tops (this vehicle
shows evidence of being a factory two top car, however the auxiliary hard top is not available, 41 percent of the convertibles were two top. I think that percentage would also hold so our number is 1003 Marina Blue two top Corvettes.
The other significant option appearing on this car is the presence of a 427 engine, it does
appear to be a factory big block vehicle, that narrows the number somewhat more but
still leaves us with a vague understanding of what the car actually was from the factory
the new number appears as 165 big block 67 Corvettes in Marina Blue with two tops were
built. The reasoning for the use of these options as choices in the above analysis will
become obvious, once you complete the report review. This again does not account for the
interior or seats, frankly those percentage build numbers are not identifiable. I do
suspect the above extrapolation is a real possibility and it should allow us to use other
options present with the vehicle such as side exhaust if they could be documented as
original items to the vehicle but at this point they can't. My inspection confirms that the
only options present on the vehicle which could be confirmed other than interior color
and leather seats are those mentioned above and used in the analysis to break the
production number down to 165. Each of those options appears to be factory restored
original configuration for this vehicle and every manufacturing technique known to apply
to the installation of those options is present and appears accurate for the vehicle.
Additional options are present, all considered desirable and all lending the restoration to
the appearance of a very nice 1967 Corvette. I would simply caution you that the engine,
transmission, rear end, interior, exterior color combination, side exhaust and bolt on
wheels should not be claimed as original - therefore there is no guarantee of the
configuration as represented. The engine is stamped with the original vin number but we are selling the corvette with no documentation supporting its a true numbers matching car.

The Trim Tag and VIN Tag affixed to your vehicle and pictured above appear to be
unaltered original GM issued items that have never been off the vehicle. The Trim Tag
reflects “67-467” which confirms the 1967 model year convertible body with St. Louis
built body number “S2421”, my physical inspection confirmed that indeed the body is a
St. Louis built body. In 1967 there were two body plants for Corvette production, one in
St. Louis and one in Ionia, MI., this body number “S2421”, is a St. Louis built body and is a
perfect fit in the production sequencing as it falls in line with the actual build sequence
for vehicle 04431. Of significance in this paragraph is that the car carries a St. Louis
built body! Simply because it is a well-documented fact that in the 1967 model year
except for the first few days of production only St Louis Bodies were used in big block
Corvette production.

The Trim Tag in addition reflects “D22” which is a production date that translates to
November 22, 1966 and corresponds with the known production time frame for sequence
04431, it also will match the GM/NCRS Shipping Data Record that would indicates a
production date of November 22, 1966. In addition the Trim Tag shows “Trim 414BP.”
which reflects Bright Blue Vinyl, No Power Windows, No Headrest, No Shoulder Harness,
No Automatic and includes the Optional Hard Top. The “976AA Paint” reflects Marina
Blue as the paint color combination with black hood stinger (this car carries a white hood
stinger as restored) . The white/blue interior in the car is an owner inspired upgrade and
the correct hood stinger color for that upgrade would be white as it is presented.

A significant piece in the collectability of a 67 Corvette is the original engine. The engine
pad and casting dates pictured above are of the engine in 04431 this engine is casting
number 3904351, configured as a four bolt main 427, cast “G16” pictured above right.
04431 was built on or about November 22, 1966, this engine block cast date translates to
July 1, 1966. The machine code pictured above left is “T1028IU” where “T” stands for
Tonawanda assembly, “1028” stands for October 28 and “IU” represents a four bolt main
435hp RPO L89 with Aluminum heads. This pad also carries the VIN derivative of
“7104431” represents the model year 1967 and vehicle sequence number 04431.
Unfortunately this is a restoration engine and cannot be considered as valid proof this
vehicle is a factory production L89 vehicle. The body configuration present on this car
shows signs that it was indeed not a four bolt main RPO L71 or RPO L89 vehicle, that
includes among other things multiple missing brackets, holes and hardware for things
such as the mandatory transistor ignition for the engine option. correct 427/435 four bolt
configuration confirmed by the block machining and engine oil pressure line installation.
The engine has aluminum heads associated with the RPO L89 engine option which was not
offered for production until later in the year. It is however a casting number date correct
restoration engine with later production rectangular port aluminum cylinder heads.

The transmission production stamping pictured above right
indicates “P7M04” where “P” reflects Muncie 4 speed, “7” reflect 1967 and “M04”
reflects assembled August 04, 1967, a Muncie production date after the original build of
the car it does display the unique font, juxtaposition and spacing associated with the
Muncie gear factory machine code. This transmission was built some 9 months after the
car was built.

The engine in the Vette is based on a 427 block. It has been bored .060 oversize and has a bore of 4.31" The stroke is 4.25. The piston is a JE SRP forged piston. It is a flat top piston with a single valve relief. All 4.25 stroke engine use an aftermarket connecting rod that is 6.385 long. The rods made by Eagle.

The cam is a Comp Cams solid roller that is a duplicate of the Chevrolet 2nd design off road racing cam.....but in a roller version.

The specs are Intake Exhaust

lift .540 .560
duration @ .050 242 248
advertised duration 294 300
lash hot .020 .020
Lobe separation angle 110 deg

The production date on the heads is 4 . 12. 67

The head casting number is 3904392

These are closed chamber heads and with this stroke the compression would have been a little high. As per the previous owner had opened the chambers up and polished them to bring the compression ration down to about 10.5 to 1 so it is pump gas friendly.
Estimated 600hp

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Engine Type
Engine Size
427 L89 V8
Transmission Type
4 Speed Manual
Body Color
Lemans Blue
Body Style
Interior Color
White & Blue
Seating Type
Seat Material

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