2003 Chevrolet Corvette


  • Only 13,810 Original Miles Since New
  • 50th Anniversary Special Edition
  • Convertible
  • 6-spd Manual Transmission
  • F55 Magnetic Selective Ride Control suspension
  • Shale Leather Interior
  • 1yr Only Special Edition Burgundy With Xirallic Aluminum Flake Paint
  • Anniversary Wheels With 4 New Tires ( Replaced Due To Age )
  • Ready To Enjoy!
  • Qualifies For Collector Insurance
  • Clean Carfax


Vehicle Specs

This 2003 50th Anniversary Special Edition Convertible Corvette has been pampered since new! Clean Carfax and all original paint that shines like the day it was new.

Initially, it was going to be Polo White with a red interior, just like those first 300 in 1953. But that was too obvious, too plain. Then it was going to be Aztek Gold, like the 12 prototypes that were built in 1998. But nobody liked that hue, either-too disco.

So the people in charge of planning the Corvette's 50th-Anniversary Special Edition picked a shade of what is currently the most oft-selected Corvette color-red. Not just any bright Porsche Guards Red, mind you, and not the purple-red that proved unexpectedly popular on the 40th-anniversary model. No, this new, one-year-only Anniversary Red is a lustrous burgundy with Xirallic aluminum-oxide flakes floating under a special tinted clear-coat and complemented by special Shale interior trim with anniversary badges and cockpit embroidery.

Yes, this new Vette is positively magnetic, but more than you realize. All 50th-Anniversary models-of which as many as 10,000 will be built if demanded-along with all 2003 hatches and convertibles optioned with the F55 Magnetic Selective Ride Control suspension, will feature a novel variable-damper-rate technology that puts the "shock" in shock absorber (a similar system went into production on the Cadillac STS a few months ago).

The dampers are filled not with standard oil but with magnetorheological (MR) fluid. This is a synthetic oil with millions of tiny iron balls suspended in it. These iron balls have a proprietary coating to make them less abrasive and help them float evenly within the shock fluid.

More important, they react to a magnetic field generated by an electric coil on the shock piston, thereby changing the fluid's viscosity. Imagine changing your shock fluid from 5W to 100W by simply varying the current in the coil.
"It can go from no damping to solid almost instantly," says Tadge Juechter, assistant chief engineer for Corvette. "The only question is, do you have the computational power to keep up?"

A dual-processor computer adjusts the current about 1000 times per second based on wheel travel and speed, vehicle speed, steering-wheel angle, lateral acceleration, brake application, and also temperature. At 60 mph, that's an adjustment with every inch of the Corvette's forward travel. The goal of these adjustments is to keep the Corvette on a smooth, even keel while maximizing the contact of the tires with the pavement.

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Engine Type
Engine Size
LS1 5.7 Liter V8
Transmission Type
6 Speed Manual
Body Color
50th Anniversary Red
Body Style
Interior Color
Seating Type
Seat Material

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